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Steve has worked in various fields including Fishing, Camping, Garden, Music, Stationary, Fashion, Beekeeping, building materials – This diverse approach to sourcing and product development has given Steve the confidence to source any product from across the globe.

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Whilst it has been a long Journey, so many factory visits, thousands of products, ideas that were just that, only to become suddenly real, Steve and Twinpeaks are now ready to share this experience and hopefully assist those who wish to take that next step into making something, basically out of nothing.

30 Years Global Sourcing Solutions
Steve first entered the China market in 1990 – He has seen China develop into the manufacturing powerhouse it is now – Steve has visited hundreds of Factories and has an incredible ...
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Skilled Product Development
Steve has worked in various fields including Fishing , Camping , Garden , Music , Stationary , Fashion , Beekeeping , building materials – This diverse approach to sourcing ...
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Business & Brand Building Expertise
Steve has been the architect of a variety of business and brands that are still operating till now From the Fashion brand Hijab House with over 1 million social media followers to ...
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Social Responsibility & Ethical Sourcing Platforms
Steve has a network of BSCI approved factories to ensure reliable supply to the major stores All care and attention is take with QA and QC to ensure reliability of supply ...
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